So, you bought a Waterless Car wash!  If you think you’re getting the real product… think again.  Just because it says it is waterless that doesn’t necessarily mean that at all.

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The reason.

You will often find that somewhere on the bottle or can it will tell you to use another washing process first with water if it is dirty.

So what does that tell you….it is not waterless.  They are just capitalizing for themselves some small portion of the market but taking advantage of you.

This means you are not getting the genuine Waterless Carwash.


They are all making bad attempts in trying to copy this product.

With Dri-Wash do you need water?… NO!  (unless, it is muddy… this is common sense, without having to split hairs with sceptics).

Does Dri-Wash scratch?… NO! in fact, when washing with a sponge there is far more chance of paint swirl when small grains of dirt and grime are caught in the sponge… Dri-Wash stops that with its advanced encapsulating technology surrounding  each individual dirt particle creating a jelly-like substance buffering it against the other.

Order Your Dri Wash Waterless Carwash here.

No other product can do this like Dri-Wash.

Emma, Port Hedland  says,  “recommend Randy at Waterless Carwash.  He did such a fantastic job on my ute and I couldn’t be any happier.  I was so impressed with the products with the way my ute came up.  Give it a go you won’t regret it.”

Does Dri-Wash leave a polish?… YES.  As it cleans the surface you also get a protective glaze finish…in fact, thousand of dollars are spent on this highly advanced formula of U.V protectants.

Andy, Perth says,  “Had my white Landcruiser detailed today by Randy the Waterless Carwash guy, the old girl came up better than when I first bought it  ten years ago, no bullshit.  Can’t recommend this enough.

Is Dri-Wash more efficient than the old style of cleaning with water?… YES.  after the first application a protection stays on the surface making incredibly easier each time in its reapplication.

Narelle from Shaw Fabrications says,  “Waterless Car Wash with Randy !!! Brilliant !!!  Does an amazing job.  I have to admit I was a bit sceptical,  I mean how do you wash a car without water?  Won’t the iron ore scratch the paint if you don’t hose it down first?  Not only did he bring up my car full gloss he has been able to remove all the calcium spots off my windows!!!  So happy.”

Is Dri-Wash easy to use?  Absolutely Yes!  Just spray, wipe and buff… that’s all.

Jacque, Hedland says,  “I’ve been using the products for 3 years and it’s great.  Don’t have any calcium marks on my car.  I highly recommend it, just be careful of copy cat products.”

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