Most car cleaning products today may be damaging your car without you realizing it.
Is your vehicle being damaged by Silicone, Waxes and Teflon?
Silicones are used in the majority of today’s liquid polishes and car washes.
The truth is…..molecules from silicone polishes undergo a process called “drifting” which causes silicone to embed into the paint surfaces and then into the pores of the paint. This silicone penetration into paint causes severe problems during repainting or paint “touch ups.” Whenever the paint then is WASHED WITH WATER, it will literally cause the silicone to embed further into the paint. Once silicones have permeated the paint and has been subjected to excessive heat ( as in U.V sunlight) will melt into the paintwork losing shine being more prone to entrapping contaminants.
So then, if you want a highly professional finish with time efficiency and protecting your paint to avoid these problems please read on.

Car Wash WarningRemember too, those waxes on show cars look great but they are rarely exposed to the sun long enough to do damage.
Is your car outdoors most of the time? If so, I want you to know driwash is the solution.
Price too, should not necessarily be a deciding factor either.
In fact, after the initial and yet simple application of the classic driwash kit the ongoing weekly cleaning only costs approximately a mere $2.97 for the average 4 door sedan.

Not only that, it’s far quicker to reapply each time onward taking approximately 10 minutes for the average 4 door sedan.
Another important matter is the majority of polishes/waxes and even the basic car wash with the hose and sponge method can be abrasive causing not only that feather scratching you dread seeing on your deeply coloured car but also exposes the paint more vulnerably to U.V damaged due to the top layer being removed or the clear coat interfered with.
Dri-Wash and Guard overcomes the problem of scratching…..Yes scratching!!!!
The remarkable thing about driwash is that not only was it the benchmark of waterless carwash technology (since 1991) it is still the leader environmentally and in quality with enduring lasting protective shine.
Where traditional cleaning procedures interfere and can feather scratch the paintwork, driwash is specifically designed to emulsify thousands of dirt particles and even removing those chemicals that are caught up in the cleaning agents that are subtly dulling your paintworkDriwash will not only give a enhanced brilliant shine but a rejuvenated coloured back to your duco. Therefore, it instantly CLEAN, SEALSPOLISHES and PROTECTS in one simple application.
So powerfully effective is driwash that quite often just a simple damp and dry terry towelling wipe on a dusty car is all that is needed to bring back a clean showroom shine to your paintwork. Even bugs are so easy to remove.
My name is Randy Hobbs and those who have met me know the lasting qualities of dri-wash’n’guard when they use it themselves.

Driwash Australia wide has been my goal since 1996 promoting waterless car detailing. With this unique formula I have treated over 4,000 vehicles in all parts of this vast and sometimes harsh hot conditioned country. With these years of experience I am able to detect these challenges on paintwork even to the point of tackling those hard water stains on glass as well. Yes…..this is a waterless glass cleaner too creating a water repellent affect for your driving safety in wet conditions. This is another reason dri wash is the best versatile car wash in the world.

Ranging from Aeroplanes, Road Train Rigs, Motorcycles, Caravans and Mobile Homes to magnificent show cars and the everyday proudly owned family car and ute.

I am known from reputable business owners to that everyday friendly aussie bloke. From SydneyBrisbane, Melbourne, Perth, to the majority of Australia’s rural and regional areas I have professionally promoted this brilliant product and for that I have built up a regular clientele.
Dri-wash is the original waterless carwash that started it all back in the early 90’s. So far, no one can match it’s powerful rejuvenating lasting effect. Many have tried but they compromise with either Silicones, Teflon’s or Waxes. Dri-wash is truly remarkable and unique!

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