What is Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard?

Thank you for taking the time to read about a remarkable new water saving, paint enhancement product known as Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard. This product is used world-wide and what it means to you is a faster, more efficient, longer lasting car cleaner and polisher all in one small bottle!

As the name implies, Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard with Exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3TM, is a waterless car wash and has the capacity to clean and protect ALL surfaces if a vehicle without the use of any water or waxes. Even more amazingly, unlike conventional methods of cleaning a vehicle, Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard will leave NO scratches or geasy residue. By reading this you’ll see all the benefits of this unique formula.

Wash & Polish Over Dirt

One of the outstanding features of Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard is the fact that it can be applied to the finish of a dirty vehicle, and because of our Exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3TM, it won’t scratch it’s surface. A regular wash job will leave scratches, Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard will not!

To elaborate further … washing a dirty car will eventually take its toll. Sooner or later, the paint will become dull and contain an uncountable number of tiny scratches (called feather scratches). Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard with Exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3TM cannot scratch; and it most certainly will not dull the finish!

Think of the time, money and effort you’ll save by not having to wash and dry your car before polishing! Think of not using or wasting one drop of water!

How does it work?

How exactly does Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard with Exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3TM prevent scratches? When you spray a section of an unwashed vehicle with Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard (notice that we said spray), each spray either covers or surrounds the dirt particles with thousands of individual droplets. The droplets that cover begin to soften, emulsify and lift the dirt particles immediately, due to the generous supply of cleaning agents contained in the formula. The droplets that surround prevent the dirt particles from coming in contact with the surface because a combination of special lubricants keeps them in a state of suspension until they are absorbed by the application cloth. Although this cloth is absorbing all the dirt, it is also becoming saturated with lubricants, so it never does reach a point where it’s too dirty to use. In short, two application cloths will easily wash and polish one vehicle.

Brilliant on Glass!

Unlike silicone based cleaners Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard is a fantastic glass cleaner and sealant. In fact Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard is capable of bonding to glass for a year or more. You’ll see this for yourself each time you drive in the rain. Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard makes “bug removal” much easier, too. The invisible coating works on the same principle that prevents eggs from sticking to the TEFLON surface of a frying pan.

Other polishes, waxes and paint sealants are NEVER recommended for use on glass because of the oily film they leave behind, which can be hazardous under certain conditions. Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard leaves NO oily residue, which makes it totally safe and highly recommended for all your glass cleaning needs.

Economical & Environmental

Dri-Wash ‘n’ Guard comes in a 16oz refillable Trigger Gun Bottle!!! There is a refill size just right for everyone from up to 32oz. Because the trigger gun measures out the contents in the form of a fine mist, a little Dri-Wash n’Guard goes a long way. An average sized car is typically washed and polished with 2oz of liquid which means you can expect EIGHT clean & polish jobs from a single 16oz bottle! When the bottle is empty (it sprays down to the last drop) simply remove the spray mechanism, top it up with a fresh supply from your REFILL bottle, and you’re ready to go!

The large range of refills available saves you the hassle of having to reorder every time you run out.