Is Waterless Car Wash scratching your car?
If so, it is possible you are using an inferior copycat product.
And there are many now bombarding the market making claims of miraculous results, but those results can be misleading and possibly false.

Is Waterless Car Wash scratching your car?
I will explain….
My name is Randy Hobbs as a veteran of Waterless Car Wash Products since 1996, I commenced my business in the pioneering days in this unique product release of Dri-Wash back in the 1990’s years before any other ‘Jump on the Bandwagon Products’ have appeared on the market.  Since then many have come and gone particularly over these recent years.

My point is…..what many unsuspecting potential customers are not aware of is the lack of immulsifying or encapsulating ingredients in these inferior products result in devastating feather scratching. ….. if you don’t believe me read their instructions or more particularly the fine print on their bottles or waterless car wash cans. These include, Formula 1, Meguiars, Polyglaze and Freedom just to mention a few.  Some of these products thrive on charismatic sales in retail outlets luring the unsuspecting public.  But upon further inspection your duco looks like a miniature ice-skating rink and besides that you end up using more of their product in its attempt to clean the surface. You will notice dark corloured cars end up with a pasty-stained finish as well.  This is exactly what people for years asked me about Dri-Wash’n’Guard and where I immediately alleviated their fears and totally impressed upon them as they watched my detailing skills performed on thousands of vehicles Australia wide. In a strange way there is an irony to all of this as you may see. These products are doing exactly what the public fears. I know this due to the many complaints brought to my attention saying waterless car wash scratched my car thinking it is my product and where I tactfully explain and show them the difference, infact I often remove feather scratching from cars with Dri-Wash….And that’s ok because it keeps me busy cleaning up (excuse the pun) their messy mistakes. Yes Dri-Wash can often remove the scratching or more so feather scratching produced by these waterless car wash products.

You may pay a little more initially for Dri-Wash but the lasting results a far more reassuring and cheaper cost in the long run.

Such as, Dri-Wash:

  1. is far more easier to apply.
  2. lasts much longer providing a protection on your paintwork.
  3. therefore, much easier to re apply
  4. meaning less effort and less product needed each time to use.
  5. meaning cheaper cost to maintain a smooth showroom finish..
  6. infact, a Dri-Wash Classic Kit works out to be only $3.00 per week for approximately 12 months use on an averaged sized 4 door sedan….giving results far more spectacular and lasting.
  7. commercial car washing ends up being more costly and besides the solvents used to clean leave a rough finish on the car that reacts to the suns uv like leaving a finish like a fine sandpaper feel to your paintwork…. where Dri-Wash can make the paint new again like glass smooth finish.

Is Waterless Car Wash scratching your car?

If you want quality and a lasting finish then try Dri-Wash, I have been using it exclusively for my detailing all these years now, nothing matches this brilliant product, believe me, otherwise I wouldn’t have existed all these years in business. To be completely frank and honest it scares me to use such products mentioned above for detailing.