Product Description

**Great at removing calcium water mark stains off paint as well as removing oxidation.(For heavy oxidized and stained white work vehicles use Premium Metal Polish).**

Don’t repaint that old vehicle! Restore the shine on older, dull painted surfaces with OxyGone.™ Quick. Easy. Inexpensive. OxyGone™ gets rid of oxidation that dulls painted surfaces. All it takes is a quick polish, a light rub to a haze, then buffing with a terry towel, and the shine that you didn’t know was there is back again! Reverses the damaging effects of sun, wind, and precipitation. No prewashing necessary. Contains no abrasives and no ammonia. We’ve got the One-Two Punch for dull painted surfaces: bring back the shine with OxyGone,™ and keep that shine with DWG for the car.

OxyGone™ is great for:
Removing hard water spotting on windows, shower doors and other surfaces
Cleaning isenglas (plastic window material on jeeps, boats, older convertible tops)
Renewing tough black marks from enameled pots and pans
Restoring aged items in gold, silver, glass or plastic