Metal Polish



Product Description

Dri-Wash n’ Guard Premium Metal Polish with EXP-8
**Turns tarnished alloy into a mirror finish.  Spectacular on Bullbars, Rollbars and Truck Fuel Tanks. Can be used on heavy oxidized and stained white work fleet vehicles. (Recommended as a maintenance Ultra-Ion).  Results will be most impressive.**

Deep cleans, polishes, and protects hard-to-clean solid metal surfaces including aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, brass, gold, silver, and more! It resists water spots, finger prints, tarnish, corrosion and weather effects without ammonia or harsh abrasives. DRI WASH ‘n’ GUARD Premium Metal Polish removes tar and rust with ease. With little effort, mag wheels, semi-trucks, aeroplanes, and other solid, hard metal surfaces can have a showroom look.